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About Us

Old, Tired, and Retired. That about sums it up. But since we have a lot of time on our hands to search the Internet for cheap stuff, we created this site to share that information with anyone who is interested.

Are you a Serious Shopper? Are you a sophisticated Super Shopper that diligently studies every item before you buy, studies price history charts and statistics, and comes to a well reasoned informed decision before comitting to a purchase? If so, then you have found your home for some of the Best Deals On The Web.

If not, if you are a casual shopper, then you should probably move along to another site because this website was designed with someone else in mind.

At the Super Cyber Mall we try to create the same environment you would find in a brick and mortar mall, which is having many stores to choose from in one place.

We search the Internet for merchants with which we can create an affiliate marketing arrangement and then list and promote their products in our on-line web-mall. We also list many products from merchants that we do not have a relationship with in order to provide our visitors a full catalog of the best deals on the web.

Our Goal is, at a minimum, to list the top 10 products of the top 50 brands from the top 20 merchants for a total of about 10,000 items. In addition we will also list products that are new, interesting, innovative, or just because we like it.

Our internet search robots continually check the web for the the best products from the best brands at the best prices. Our product catalog is updated all day, every day so you can find the best deals and discounts on whatever you are looking for.

If you purchase an item after linking to the merchants store through our website we may receive a small (very small) commission on the sale. This will not effect the price you pay including any sales or promotions provided by the merchant.

It is our sincere desire that by clustering many merchant stores in one place that this will truly be your One Stop Cyber Shop with dozens of stores, millions of products, and all in one place in cyber space.

We will be adding many new stores, and removing a few from time to time, so check back often.

We will also keep a list of the latest merchant promotions on our special offers page. Check this page daily for the latest information on the merchants best offers.

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