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At Super Cyber Mall we review thousands of apparel items for inclusion in our on-line catalog.

Our top criteria for inclusion are Price and Presentation. The item must be presented in a way that will catch the attention of a shopper as they scroll down through dozens, or hundreds, of competing items.

With apparel items there are a few fashion models who seem to have it all when it comes to presenting an item. Almost every outfit they wear looks better just because they are wearing it.

Looks are important, but more than that, attitude, enthusiasm, feeling good in their skin and in the clothes they wear completes the package. This is telegraphed through their body language, especially the face, in a manner that the viewer immediately (in a fraction of a second) receives and processes sub-consciously.

These gifted models can sell an apparel item that would otherwise just sit on a shelf in a warehouse.

This is our tribute page to one of these special models who has it all.

Height : 5'8"

Bust : 32''

Waist : 23''

Hips : 34''

Shoes : 6 US

Eyes : Brown

Hair : Brown

Born 1996-10-01 | 23 Years 3 Months
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Kelsey Merritt
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