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Cala Mid Rise Bikini Bottom - Rainbow Ombre Print Price Rank ( 59  )
Cala Mid Rise Bikini Bottom - Rainbow Ombre Print

Sold By : bikini.com

Price Rank ( 59 ) What is Price Rank?
Price Rank is our propitiatory ranking algorithm that evaluates the price history of an item and determines an honest assessment of the value of the discount, the sale, the savings.
Price Rank is not necessarily the cheapest price, or the biggest discount, because we only scan a tiny percentage of the items, hopefully the best items, from the hundreds of millions of items promoted on the Internet.
Price Rank is our best effort to provide you with the best price on the best brands from the best merchants on the web.
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Sale Price : $10.99

We have been tracking this item for 90 days
Since 2020-06-29 The price has changed 2 Times.
The Lowest Price was $10.99,
the Highest Price was $12.99,
for a Difference in Price of:
$2 ( 15% )

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